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About Us

Our Philosophy

1. We treat every client and project as unique.
2. Every client has access to our seasoned professionals.
3. We don't resort to easy or standard answers.
4. We have no canned reactions to your particular questions.
5. We handle every project immediately and personally.

Because we regularly handle the unforseeable, we know the value of service flexibility and responsiveness. While this doesn't ensure that we know all the answers, it does ensure that we always know where to look to find them.

With a keen eye for recognizing our part in the success and development of your business, we strive to work with you, toward the successful achievement of the ultimate mutual goal of finalizing a transaction, while insuring the integrity and quality of the product itself.

Step One - Production of the Title Commitment

The product we provide is, of course, title insurance. Simply stated, and in limited terms, title insurance is a contract to indemnity against losses arising through defect in the title to real estate. We recognize and accept the responsibility attached to our product and the impact of its integrity to your, our client. In keeping with this responsibility, we have built our company in a way which, first and foremost, supports this trust.


Our expert title officers work in conjunction with our examiners to interpret and discern the information unveiled during the search, in order to accurately understand the history or chain of the property under examination, as well as any encumbrances against the premises being examined.


By interpreting the facts presented during an examination, what emerges is what is called a title commitment or report. These findings provide you, our client, with clear, accurate information as to what the rights to the property are, who owns the property, as well as their right to transfer ownership or give mortgage, along with claims, defects and other issues which may affect the property.


We recognize that the product we produce is a direct reflection on you, our client and that it will be viewed by your clients and colleagues. Therefore, our work presented in an organized, professional manner, which is aesthetically pleasing and reflects pride and a standard of excellence in appearance as well as content.

Step Two - Clearance

In step one, objective is to thoroughly and accurately reveal facts and information about our property and issue a title commitment to all interested parties. Once this is accoplished, we are ready to bigin the second phase of our function and the one, which we believe, sets us apart from other title firms, by infusing the process with energy toward resolving issues in order to remove them from the initial commitment. These issues, if unaddressed, interfere with the ability to obtain a 'clear to close' status and hinder the process. Through our relationship with reporting organizations, agencies, banks and others within our industry our experienced clearance officers and in-house council, we work through issues, within our control, to their resolution. We feel this approach enables us to bring you not only the problems attached to the land but also the solutions to those problems. In doing so, we believe, we energize the process as well as eliminate much of the stress you would ordinarily feel by taking responsibility beyond simply reporting the facts. In implementing this philosophy we provide a service beyond that of our competitors. We work on issues in order to find solutions which will allow the closing to take place.

Step Three - The Policy

Ultimately we provide the insurance policy, a necessary component to the process. By following these steps outlined we are able to provide a product which carries with it our standards of accuracy, high quality and overall excellence demanded by ourselves and our esteemed clients.


We utilize the services of examiners with expertise and experience in their field, who support our standard of excellence, in determining and revealing issues relevant to providing quality information to our clients.

Client Services

Our personnel pride themselves in their friendly professionlaism and competence. We recognize that you are the client, and in that recognition, take pride in servicing you and your needs. We have worked hard at developing an attitude in ourselves and our staff, of placing your needs as our priority and in developing a proactive environment as well as a reactive ability as required and we feel that we have implemented a structure to support this commitment.


We know your requirements as a firm are unique. It is because of this belief that we listen to you first. We take the time to get a through understanding of what type of business you do and your needs and expectations. Through this communication, we are able to define ways within our firm to adapt to you. Once we understand, we suggest a variety of options we can provide which we feel might support and enhance the relationship we share. Our staff of experts is prepared to meet with you and customize a program that suits your particular needs.


Once we understand your needs and expectations, and we decide together on the course of action, we run with it, always conscious and careful adherence to the detail of what we agreed upon. Some of those things could include how you place your orders, receive a commitment, who you would consistently like to receive a copy of the commitment and the style of the commitment itself to name just a few.


In operating our own business, when we are in the role of client, we have come to recognize the need for and value in accessibility. We know, from experience, the frustration of having and immediate need or question and those we rely on for service not being available to us. We, therefore, see to it that we are always accessible and available. Our office is fully staffed from 7:30am to 7:30pm. and beyond, as well as on weekends, when needed. In addition, key players in our organization will provide you with private numbers should an emergency arise making us available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


We recognize how important quick turnaround time is to the effective and efficient operation of your business. Therefore, we have worked hard to develop system and relationships which provide you with a turnaround time we take pride in. The specific time frames depend, to varying degrees, on the type of search you require and the county where the property being examined is located. However, we believe, for each specific set of variables, ours is the quickest time available. In the five boroughs, for example, a refined search is completed and returned to you within 24-72 hours. This type of service works hand in hand with your goals and objectives.